Do you believe that with all of these social media opportunities, consumers might be on “information overload?”

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was recently asked this question after a presentation on our Proven 4 Step Formula for Social Media Marketing…

Information Overload?

Information Overload?

Here is my answer:

Consumers have been on information overload for quite some time. We are bombarded by something like 10,000 marketing messages each day. And it doesn’t appear that it will decrease anytime soon.

The other aspect is that because of the overload most consumers have adapted to “tuning out” traditional marketing. I remember only having 3 channels on TV when I was growing up, in 1992 Bruce Springsteen wrote a song titled 57 Channels (and Nothin’ On), can you imagine only having 57 channels today? The thing all marketers need to remember are two simple words…NOBODY CARES…about your product or service. It was once said that all you have to do is find what people need and then sell it to them, but the truth is that people do not buy what they need…they buy what they want.

So with social media we are no longer splashing commercials on the screen, we are providing relevant content that will help people make buying decisions.

As for being overwhelmed with “Social Media “ opportunities…it is just like most things that are new…there are a ton of newcomers working to replicate the success of the larger sites, so you have to pick a few and focus on them. The great thing is that you can reach people who are not even members of a social media site due to the search rankings that information on these sites receive.

I hope this helps…


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