The Food Network has the Recipe for Online Marketing

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

As a Social Media Marketer and frequent speaker on the subject, I have been professing that the formula for successful marketing online is to stop selling and start teaching people “how to” utilize your product or service.   You have to do it without the part that most people just can’t seem to let go of…they just can’t help it, they do so good right up to the part where they say…”and if you need this product or service visit my website or call me”… As soon as you make that statement, you go from being a trusted advisor to a salesperson (more like a pushy, self serving salesperson). Guess what?  They know that if they want or need the product or service they can visit your website or call you to get it from you.


As I was watching food network last night I had a revelation… they have made an entire successful network teaching people “how to” cook things.  For 30 minutes I watched Alton Brown on Good Eats as he explained how to fry chicken.  I know what you are thinking… 30 minutes on frying chicken?  But here is the hook, he explained numerous things like the difference between the 3 types of chickens you most often find in the grocery store and which one is best for frying.  (It’s the broiler/fryer…hint, hint)

Next he demonstrated how to cut up a chicken with the aid of a T-Rex skeleton (actually it was a wooden replica, a real one would have to big I suppose).  He also used an actual chicken and knife with exacting skill, in a way that even a novice could follow along with and achieve complete success.

You then soak the chicken in low-fat buttermilk for 12-24 hours, (you use low fat buttermilk because it has more viscosity and adheres to the chicken better).  After it has soaked the requisite time you then apply your spices before you dredge the pieces in flour. (dredging is the fancy term for put it in a plastic container with flour and shae it around to coat the chicken). When you put the spices in the flour it tends to burn instead of soaking into the chicken.  He recommended kosher salt, paprika and ceyene pepper dispensed from a pizza spice shaker.

Before we get in actually frying the chicken we take a quick 2 minute tour of the Lodge foundry which is the only US based foundry making cast iron frying pounds.  (in this segment they showed us how the pans are made but never mentioned we should buy one)

Who knew there were different ways to fry chicken.  Deep frying, pressure frying and the Southern Specialty “pan frying.”  There are also different mediums you can use to fry the chicken in… regular vegetable oil, canola oil, and for pan frying the all time favorite Crisco shortening.

The oil should be heated to 350 degrees, if it gets hotter than that it starts to burn and emits the ominous fried food odor that lingers for hours.  There is even a system for where to place the pieces in the pan to maximize the cooking process.  If you divide the pan like a round clock you place the breasts at 10 & 2 because they cook quicker and you want the meat and skin to be done at the same time.  The legs go at the 4 & 8 positions and the thighs go in the middle right over the burner because they are the slowest cooking pieces.

0125629_03_chicken-in-skillet_s4x3_medCook the pieces for 12 minutes on each side placing a screen over the pan during the cooking process to reduce the dreaded oil splatter that is inevitable when frying objects that require the pan be half full of oil.

When the chicken is at the 24 minute mark you should use a meat thermometer to make sure the middle of the thighs are at a minimum of 175 degrees to ensure they are done.  When you are satisfied with the doneness you then transfer the pieces from the pan to a rack to allow the excess oil to drain from the pieces.  If you don’t have a screen rack you can utilize the rack form your oven for the job.  Do not sit the chicken on paper towels or a paper bag this will just cause the oil to pool at one spot on the piece.

The chicken will stay rocket hot for about 20 minutes, don’t put it in the oven to keep it warm, this will attract moisture and make your crispy materpiece as soggy lump.

The purpose of this blog post is not to teach you how to pan fry chicken, although you are certainly better informed on the subject as a result.  The purpose is to demonstrate that because the host was teaching me how to cook chicken on an informative and entertaining way I remembered exactly what he told me and I am certain that he is an expert in this arena.

I have never eaten his cooking, nor Bobby Flay’s, nor Racheal Ray’s, nor any of the Iron Chef’s…but I believe they are experts and I tune in to see what they will be cooking next.

You can use the same recipe to teach your prospects how to use your product or service.  Teach them the benefits of the product or service, so that they are better informed to make a buying decision whether they buy from you or not.  When you do this is a selfless manner, coming purely form a mindset of helping it will position you as a “trusted advisor”.

And remember, resist the temptation to say, “and if you every need a whozy-whatzy or thing-a-ma-jiggy go to my web site or give me a call and I will give you a great deal!”

I’m Hungry!!!!!

Here is a short video from the show:

  1. food is my style of living

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