Day 2 – 30 Days to $30K

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

  1. Aisha Williams says:

    Great info Jody, 2 things i need to ask:
    1) do we just show up at the BNI meeting or do we call ahead?
    2) can we please have the 60 second spiel you gave at the BNI meeting introducing yourself and what you do in written format so we have an idea of what to say and base our spiel on yours…
    Thank you

    • Hi Aisha, You just show up, no need to call ahead. I have always found it works best that way. I don’t have my spiel written down, I just say it off the top of my head. I am sure you can figure out a way to get it down.

  2. Ivan says:

    Hi Jody, this training is fantastic… I am learning a lot here. How to carry oneself at these meetings and what to say. I have a request, could you give us a close up on the hand written letters you send out, and also show us what your business card design looks like if possible. It’s one thing to read this stuff and another thing to get live daily feedback. This is really valuable training, thank you for this.

    • Hi Ivan, The hand written letter says: “It was a pleasure meeting you at ______________ event. If I can ever refer business your way I certainly will.” As for my business cards they simply have a logo, my name, phone, website and email. That’s it.

  3. Arthur Mazz says:

    FYI Jody; that elevator pitch covered everyting the audience needed to know … and it took exactly 45 seconds (I timed it … because it seemed to be long?). Hell NO; It was right on the money! (less than a minute).
    You can be sure I’m going to get mine in shape.

  4. Anna Ashley says:

    I am very glad to be following along with all of this and trying to do it as well. You are helping us to fine tune ourselves. Your presentation was very good, you have done this before 🙂

  5. Eva Slater says:

    Jody, I LOVE this training! Thank you! Can our prospects and the general public view our posts here on your blog, should they happen to Google our name?

  6. Eva Slater says:

    Does a brand new NEWBIE following in your challenge footsteps DARE schedule the presentation meeting in two weeks? Can I learn enough in time to give the presentation? I’m not afraid to speak if I know what I’m talking about ha!

  7. Stacey says:

    Great video!! I’m going to a BNI meeting today. I have set up my networking without a business card campaign and I will put it to use! Thanks Jody!!

  8. Michelle Duplechan says:

    What do you say to the business owners that call you back from the yellow page ad you send out with the attached note?

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