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Many people talk about them self ,their product or service, and how great they are.

The fact is… NOBODY CARES!

People care about solving their own challenges first. If you help solve other peoples problems, that’s how you solve your own!


As a Social Media Marketer I get asked all the time what Social Media Marketing really is and how to use it to promote business. This video explains what it is and why you need to be involved in the conversations because you have a chance to be heard and position yourself as an EXPERT!

It seems that there is a battle that has been going on for while in the Network Marketing World.  The lines have been drawn between Old School Techniques and New World Marketing.  Or as some may describe it having a tried-n-true Duplicatable System vs. Marketing by Providing Value (attraction marketing)

Most duplicatable systems consist of a sizzle number, company provided website, 3-way calls and meetings.  Marketing by Providing Value consists of marketing on the internet by interacting with people at Social Media sites and giving great information that relates to your product or service without directly selling your opportunity until they ask for more information.

Which is better?

Learn how to attract prospects with the pull of gravity!