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Many people talk about them self ,their product or service, and how great they are.

The fact is… NOBODY CARES!

People care about solving their own challenges first. If you help solve other peoples problems, that’s how you solve your own!


That’s right there are some important reasons you should not use Social Media Marketing to promote your business. I am going to give you the insider secrets on each one of them.

First, we need to define what exactly is “Social Media Marketing” (SMM) and 2nd why is it so popular all of a sudden?! It all started with Web 1.0, which was how the internet worked when it all began. Basically, we all went to the internet to get information and answers to questions. Usually, it was only established companies that had web sites and they paid programmers to put the information on the site for us to consume. Then came Web 2.0, and to put is simply this evolution provided the platforms for us to not only get information from the web but also give information on the web…it became a two way street.

Think about the last time you looked at a site like Amazon to research something…did you look at the reviews left by others who had previously purchased the item? Have you ever left a comment on a site, blog, you tube video? That is Web 2.0 and “Social Media” is a big part of it. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Wikipeida all let us establish a presence and all we need is a connection to the internet. These days most of us carry “the internet in our pockets”…iPhone, Blackberry, etc…

So here are the reasons you should not use Social Media Marketing for your business:

1. It’s free, all it takes is a little time…It certainly can’t be worth much if it is free and in these times who needs free marketing!?

2. You are not staffed to handle growth in your business.

3. You don’t want to have more than one place on the web for prospects and customers to find you.

4. It will expose you as an expert in your field and then the secret will be out and the paparazzi will follow you everywhere.

5. You don’t want to be part of anything that has the word “viral” associated with it.

6. The increase in revenue will push you into a higher tax bracket.

7. Someone may leave comments that you have to answer and then other will see it and it will bring even more attention to your product or service.

8. Others will take your videos, posts and quotes and tell all their friends and even put them on other sites and it will bring even more attention to your product or service.

9. Having instant feedback on your marketing efforts may cause changes in your formal business plan and cause you to exceed projections.

10. Taking the time to respond to orders and requests will take away from watching the Food Network.

There are many more reasons like these that I don’t have time to go into here, I am just glad I have been given the chance to expose the impact that using “SMM” could have on your business and free time. Look how much time you have spent reading this post!

I mean, who would want to be part of the nightmare of ringing phones, email, web inquiries, etc….let’s leave it to the big companies who are equipped to handle more business.

Sorry…gotta go…the phones keep ringing…can’t a guy get a moments rest….geez! I only wish someone would have warned me!